How do you put a price on your time/experience cooking?

Having recently lost my job, I have started bartering for services, such as getting my hair cut in exchange for either cooking or teaching how to make Indian food.

The recent exchange I had, the person said they would pay for all the ingredients for a dinner for 6, which includes me and my fiance. I will probably pre-make a few dishes and teach how to make two.

How do I put a price value on your time? Do you think that is a fair deal for a $90 cut & color? (I am more worried that I am overvaluing my services for one meal). I am thinking of giving them a masala tin of spices culled from my collection, as sort of part of the teaching and to make it equal.

If it makes a difference, I am not professionally-trained, but I am pretty good with Indian food since that is what I grew up around.


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