Home-cooked Valentine's Day meal for your Valentine

We have stopped going out to restaurants on special days to face the crowds and standard fare prepared and served by over-worked staffs. Now our routine is to prepare a special meal at home usually of better quality and for a fraction of the cost. This year I prepared a meal for my wife and I that was enjoyed in the comfort of our home sans the reservations and crowds.

The entire menu was made for scratch except for the Ben and Jerry's vanilla bean ice cream.

SALAD: Red grapefruit, avocado, kalmata olives (pitted and halved) with a dressing of grapefruit juice, olio nuovo, agave syrup, salt & pepper, splash of basalmic

ENTREES: 1/ Broccolli and Carrots sauteed in butter and herbs de provience 2/ Smashed Baby New Red Potatos w/ skins lots of butter and whole heavy cream and chopped parsely 3/ Lobster Tails quick boiled with a bit of old bay then medallioned and poached in butter w/ clarified butter and seasoned clarified butter for dipping 4/ 2" thick-14oz.Filet Mignon trimmed and tied sprayed with garlic juice and coated with fresh ground black pepper all sides seared to a nice brown crust both sides and finished in the oven to medium-rare served with a zinfandel-mushroom-cream pan sauce [shallots, garlic, herbs de provience bits strained out] served on the plate around the steak and potatos

WINE: I served a sparkling wine, a burgandy-brut, to start the meal with our toast and to sip on during the meal it matched well with the whole meal

DESSERT: Vanilla bean [ ben and jerry's ] ice cream with blackberry/blueberry coulee It took me a half a day to prepare cook and assemble it but it was well worth the effort and having Valentine's Day on a saturday made the time involved possible and I was also home all day which my wife appreciated all-in-all it was a resounding success and very affordable compared to going out .

Please bear in mind as stated at the begining it was all from scratch except the ice cream.


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