Home-Baked or Store-Bought? Or: Huh? Are you kidding me?

So today I brought in some really nice M&M cookies that I had made at home for my coworkers (I tend to do this a lot, but right now, we are all facing big changs that are extra stressful, and therefore food=comfort). one of my other coworkers decided that she would bring in some of the leftover store-bought chocolate chip cookies that she had from a meeting last night for us, too. And since I am the one that *always* has something at my desk, and everyone comes over to me if they want anything, she put them on my desk.

Now, I have been sitting here all day, and I cannot believe how many people are reaching for the store-bought cookies, rather than mine! And it isn't as though there is a really big difference between M&M and chocolate chip cookies, so I know that it isn't that.

So, my question is two-part: First, has this ever happened to anyone else? And Second, I have to wonder and ask, do you think that this is because most people are just so used to the ultra-fake, sugary stuff that they get from a package that the real thing just doesn't satisfy them?

I am so depressed right now...


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