He said, 'Broccoli is the anchovy of vegetables'

Well, an interesting way of making his point I suppose. I just happened to mention that I was adding my lovely, separately cooked broccoli to my plate of stir fry, knowing that he wasn't crazy about broccoli. That comment really conveyed just how much he hates the vegetable and basically if it's in a dish, the dish is poisoned as far as his tastebuds are concerned. I had pasta primavera last summer and he said it would have been good except for the broccoli flavor that was laced throughout the sauce. Gee, the power of a couple of florets. College days and delivering pizza, the man placed the pies with anchovies in the trunk of his car...separate from the rest of the deliveries. Good thing broccoli calzones weren't on the menu then--they would have been banished too. I guess I kind of understand how he feels about some things rendering a dish inedible. I can't eat fruit salad if there's any melon in it. No picking around it; the flavor of the melon has permeated the salad. I can't pick off sausage or pepperoni off a pizza and then eat it either. So guys, what's the thing you can't stand in a dish, rendering it inedible, that others seem to love?


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