Great Elmhurst Unknown Eateries!

Ok, ive found that my neighborhood (elmhurst/jackson heights, lovingly referred as 'elm heights' or 'elm jack') is seriously being left out of online ny food speak. to help my fellow fooders, i have compiled my top seven food sources. they are not in order considering the variance in cuisine. love it love it!

1. Zabb Queens Any subway to 74th st-roosevelt ave. the one in manhattan pales in comparison dishes- raw shrimp with chili, cabbage and mint barbequed chicken hearts barbequed chicken gizzard barbequed beef steak, rare naturally always get extra jim jow sauce and plenty of sticky rice!

2. Chao Thai 85-03 whitney st (just off broadway) *with only 4 or 5 tables, i suggest u visit during off peak. always get sticky rice any subway to elmhurst ave dishes- squid salad pla garlic and pepper grilled squid

3. Elmhurst Famous Pizza 8307 Broadway, Queens any subway to elmhurst ave *ask to meet the famous salt and pepper guy if ur feeling social. always get extra sauce! dishes- anchovy and mushroom black olive and extra cheese

4. Sammy's Halal (food cart) 73rd St. at Broadway any subway to 74th st-rooselvelt ave *always get extra white sauce and hot sauce dishes- beef and lamb gyro chicken over jasmine rice

5. Taqueria Coatizingo 82nd at Roosevelt 7 train to 82nd, exit south side *get a side of the green salsa to go when leaving, so good dishes- 1. carne asada soup (add a bit of sugar, lots of lime) 2. queso enchiladas (green mole) 3. texas nachos 4. chicken quesadillas

6. Hispanic Ladies Selling Fresh Fresh Tamales Out of Shopping Carts 82 and Roosevelt 7 train to 82nd *so fresh its redicccc u know they made them at home this morning dishes- tamale

7. SugarClub 81 and Broadway any subway to elmhurst ave *nice thai centered small market/video store. dishes- the red sausage with a green chili in the cold section thai beef jerky and sticky rice at the cashier counter


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