Food Storage Containers - What do you suggest?

Finally, this week our new kitchen is being installed, although we won't have the quartz counter for a few weeks. I had a kitchen "appliance garage" built in to hide the coffee maker, electric kettle, toaster, teapot, etc. because I have such a small kitchen and I had so many things taking up counter space - I don't want the traditional set of containers for flour, sugar, coffee and tea, but would like to have everything in glass (or plastic) containers that are easy to access from cupboards, lazy susan or pull out pantry. I want to throw out all my old spice and replace with small amounts from a bulk store, but store them safely in a bottle of some type. Can any of you fill me in with what you find useful and accessible? I have told myself I won't store things like cereal, grains, etc. in their original boxes. I also don't have any addresses of online websites from which I could get ideas, even though most of these sites will not ship to Canada. I would be grateful for any help. Thank you.

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