Culinary Rule Breaking

I'm interested in hearing what culinary no-nos we like to indulge in. I'm not talking about a secret love of Doritos or Twinkies or Lucky Charms; every gastronome has her weaknesses, after all.

I mean taking some of the most basic rules of food and how it's "supposed" to be prepared and breaking them.

For instance, I love cold --not room temperature-- tomatoes, even heirlooms at the height of the season. I store them in the fridge. And I love them that way even though I would probably be laughed out of the kitchen at work for admitting it.

A good friend of mine doesn't like al dente pasta and actually prefers it a little mushy. Whoa!

Another likes parmesan on seafood pasta. Horrors!

Something along the lines of liking well-done steak. Egads!

Any others out there?


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