Couer à la Creme gone wrong

Well, I bought the special little pan with the holes in it; I bought all the calorie-laden ingredients; I stayed up until 3:00am after I finished watching a movie and made the recipe even though I REALLY wanted to go to bed. I just have wanted to make this forever and was having guests over tonight so I figured we would have this beautiful dessert . . . well, something went wrong. It never really firmed up, even though it chilled in the fridge until 8:00pm tonight. When I unmolded it, it was just BARELY a heart shape and really runny in the middle. All the pictures I have seen look like the heart is quite firm. My ingredients were cream cheese, whipping cream, vanilla bean, powdered sugar and lemon zest. Does it maybe need a bit of gelatin so it will firm up more like a panna cotta? The recipe said to line the mold with a damp paper towel, although most recipes I have seen call for using cheese cloth. Could that be part of the problem, maybe it didnt drain out enough moisture? Help me figure out what I did wrong!


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