Bothered by being served "as it comes up" in restaurants?

I sure am, You order your food from one server, and then some coplete stranger from the kitchen brings your meal to you and ask "who ordered the ____". This is done as the meals are finished so they arrive at all different times, totally destroying the ability to eat together. I drives me nuts. Am I supposed to reward this lazy behavior with a tip? Do they think I want to be served as fast as possible (which only serves to clear the table sooner for the next poor souls) I tell you this, the tip amount drop significantly when I get this treatment. Now granted, I don't dine at the best places in town, but I have this happen all the time in a variety of "decent" places, especially on the weekend. What a crock! What am I even tipping at all for? Should I give some person who won't take the time to help carry out all meals for my table at THE SAME time a 25% tip for refiling my ice tea obsessively. I think not. What's your view on this, and what are your biggest service gripes? Please tell.


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