Would You Seriously Date Someone Who Didn't Love Food?

I met a really nice guy a while back. He was cute, charming, had a great job, etc. A 'perfect catch'. HOWEVER, he basically only liked 'junk food'. He refused to touch veggies, fresh fruit, seafood, Chinese food, Japanese food, Italian food, etc., etc. The only meat he would really eat was hamburger...well done of course, and the only chicken, KFC. He DID like bacon (burnt), eggs over HARD...(soft yolks made him gag) almost anything from Mickey D's...as long as they left off the lettuce, tomatoes, etc. Now, neither of us are 'spring chickens', he's almost 40, and I knew his tastes were, by now, 'set in stone'. Going out for a meal together was something almost impossible to do. I tried cooking a meal for him, but it was a disaster. He thought we should simply agree to disagree about food, and enjoy the things we DID have in common, but I soon realised that sharing great food with people I like is a huge thing in my life, and if it were impossible to do this basic thing with him, there was no hope for us as a couple. When I explained how I felt about this, he got pretty upset, but I'm old enough to know what's important to me, and this is. So...do you think I was wrong? Has anyone else on this board ever had a similar experience? Are you dating, or even married to, someone who doesn't appreciate, or even like, great (real) food? If so, how is that working out?


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