Worst Food You Ate at a Party

Although I enjoy cooking, I also enjoy it when someone else cooks or throws a party and then invites me to their house. Unfortunately, frequenting parties can result in the sampling of some pretty awful fare.

The responses to the post asking for suggestions for a Super Bowl party where all good. However, there are people who (I think) have some unusual ideas about what to serve to guests, at a Super Bowl party or otherwise.

The Food section of yesterday's Post-Gazette published some reader recipes for football food. Not only did they not sound good, they sounded down right disgusting. For example, cocktail rye topped with Cheez Whiz and pepperoni was described as "mmm". Another recipe suggested making pierogie pizza by actually putting pierogies on a Boboli.

I experienced similar fare at a party I attended around the holidays. The cookies weren't even good. Am I expecting too much? Am I snobbish to expect something better than a jar of salsa dumped over a block of cream cheese?


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