World Spice Market Spices

So, I placed an order with World Spice Market and while their pricing and invoice policy is very, very fair, I wasnt impressed with the shipping. ($9.00!). Anyway, I did get some things that I have never used before, just because I either 1. havent had access to them or 2. had access but didnt want to pay an astronomical amount of money for them.

Does anyone have any comments about World Spice Market?

I got:

ground ginger (no advice needed!) alderwood smoked salt (sounds yummy!) Aleppo Pepper, crushed Cumin (smells like a good taco, I think) Lemon Crystal (dont know, dont care, love lemon!) Smoked Paprika Whole Black Lemon from India (WTF do I do with these?) Sichuan Peppercorns Tomato Flakes Cajun Blackening Za'tar (israeli)

Any ideas for all this good stuff? Any recs?


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