What Would You Serve on Your Inauguration Luncheon?

After reading the topic All About the Inauguration Luncheon, I wondered if the incoming President has any say in what is served in their inauguration luncheon. One would imagine so...?

If you were to be inaugurated, what 3 courses would you serve?

My luncheon would be rather mundane... 1st course: spring mix with decorative blackberries, raspberries, and kiwi slices with kiwi vinaigrette (yeah, I know, it's so 1990s) 2nd course: filet mignon; sauteed wild mushrooms with grilled asparagus; lobster mash 3rd course: ginger creme brulee with Kona coffee

I am not much of a pairing-drinks-with-a-meal kind of person so I wouldn't know what to serve. I'd just drink unsweetened iced black tea. :)


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