What would you make if you had ____ in your fridge?

So, it would seem that I have some ingredients in excess in my refrigerator. This is due to the mass amounts of cooking I have been doing the past week, week and a half. Now, I've got some "ingredient orphans" (love the term!) that I would like to provide a delicious home for. What would you make if you had:

Oregano Cilantro Cream Cheese Sour Cream Heavy Cream Lite Cream Heavy Whipping Cream (I should not have that many creams) Limes Lemons Pepperoni

I will enteratin any suggestions since I am trying to get rid of the stuff. Usually I would be able to come up with something but I'm drawing a blank. Ordinarily, I don't carry these items (except Oregano) in my frige so I'm not sure what else to do with them at the moment. I'm sure you guys will be able to help me out!


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