What Time Is Dinner?

Or supper, if that's what you prefer to call the evening meal. A thread in another forum that reported a restaurant having a 2-hour wait for a table at 5 p.m. (in this economy!) started me thinking. What time do you prefer to eat? Is it the same when you eat at home and when you dine out? What's the local schedule? Is everyone out of the restaurant by 9 p.m. or are things just getting rolling?

I admit I thrill to the sight of a roaring dining room at 11:15 at night, a sure sign, to me, that I'm in civilized territory. But where we live, in the urban Midwest, it's the 7 o'clock slots that fill up first. At home, we generally eat around 7, now that we're not feeding starving adolescents. I grew up in a world where supper was at 5 or 5:30. (And it wasn't dinner, but that's another question, isn't it?) Is most of Florida dominated by the Early Bird Special, or do the rest of you eat later? Spill it, tell all.


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