What makes a GREAT hamburger?

OK,to start off,I'm a hamburger purist.No turkey burgers,no boca burgers,just plain beef on a roll,with whatever condiments you like. Tonight I made,IMHO,one of the best burgers I've ever eaten.At least from a purist's view.I'm always experimenting with different cuts of meat,freshly ground.So....today at work I had some tri-tip meat that just looked too good to pass up.I diced up the meat,along with some fat,and ground it only ONCE.With the fat I had added,it made the chop meat about 85-90% lean,which I was a little leary about,since I usualy like mine about 80% lean.Took the chop meat home,heated up a cast iron skillet on high,disconnected my smoke alarms,and very,very gently patted the mean into 1/3 lb balls.Dropped them into the hot skillet and smashed them down only once.Sprinkled a lot of kosher salt on them and once they had a nice crust on the bottom,I flipped them,put the top of the hamburger roll on top of each burger,to steam the roll,and pulled them off the pan at medium rare.I was gonna put some Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce on them,but after the first meaty bite,they were so damn good plain,nice beefy flavor annd a nice crunchy crust,that I decided not to put anything else on them and ruin the "beefiness' of the burger.Sorry to ramble here,but they were so good I hadda share.How do you like your burgers?


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