What Is The Strangest Food Induced Dream/Nightmare You've Had?

Sometimes if I eat late at night or go out to dinner and have something a bit richer than I am accustomed to, I wake up the next morning recalling the strangest dreams, and yes, sometimes nightmares.

For Instance, recently, we had a delightful dinner out with friends and I had oysters on the 1/2 shell, a Caesar salad and a wonderful parpadelle with a wild mushroom cream sauce.

My dream/nightmare ~ My brand new red leather Coach handbag (which I don't have, BTW) was stolen by a Girl Scout. While we were looking for my handbag, I was thrown out of a moving vehicle that had the doors open, into the ocean. I survived by holding onto a pillow. When I was rescued, I asked the owner of the pillow if I could keep it because it would mean so much to me. She said no. It was part of a set and she couldn't replace it.

I was certainly relieved to wake up from that one! Has this ever happened to you?


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