Substitute for Muller's Corner Yogurts?

i just got back from a three-month escape to London, where one-third of my diet consisted of bloody marys, one-third virgin marys (to counteract the bloody marys of course) and one-third entirely comprised of muller's fruit corner yogurts.

it wasn't just the packaging that hooked me. something about the large chunks of strawberries or blackberries made the fruit more than just glorified jam. and most of all, i've never had yogurt with such a sweet but not cloying flavour and silky texture. i used to be disgusted by the sight of yogurt. and now my digestive system has become dependent on it!

i'm currently running my own taste test of various fruit on the bottom brands but to no avail. i've also tried mixing preserves in with various vanilla yogurts and again, no good. was i really just in it for the dippable ploppable separated packaging? or is there some other yogurt product out there that can quell my insatiable mullers hunger? expatriates from the uk especially, please please help! my tummy is rumbling!


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