Stumptown Coffee: Let's Call a Spade A Spade Here

Over the past year, it seems like a lot of restaurants and new coffee shops in NY have been featuring Stumptown Coffee. People really do seem to freak out over it. I understand that the politics of the company are great, but in terms of the quality of the coffee....

Let's call a spade a spade here: It's not that great.

I've had many a cup of the drip coffee and in my estimation it is about as strong as Starbucks, and has some flavor....but to me it tastes "perfumed". There is a floral, perfumey taste to it, but it seems on par with "flavored coffee". Its like they've added "coffee flavor" to their coffee.

It just doesn't have the power or the kick of a great cup of strong cofee like they make at Joe (the great chain of shops in NY), and its a far cry from the true king of West Coast style brewing, Pete's Coffee (That's some crack right there!). These spots make great coffee because they use good beans and know how to brew them. I don't feel that's the case with most of the purveyors of Stumptown, and, yeah, the coffee is kind of like potpouri.

Have you had Stumptown? Any thoughts?


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