Serious Homemade: Cooking (almost) Everything from Scratch

My latest cooking quest is to eventually make everything from scratch that's possible. At least once. Some things might become a regular, some I might make just that once.

For example, I'll seldom if ever again buy bread, filled pastas, or yogurt. Or sour cream or creme fraiche. Or fresh Italian or Polish sausage.

I've made butter, but I'm fine with buying it. I might make it again for a special occasion. Same with corned beef. I'll make it again, but I'm fine with buying it.

I've got home-made wine vinegar brewing. While I'll probably continue making it on an ongoing basis, I'll probably continue to also buy vinegar, since there are so many varieties and flavors.

I just finished a batch of ketchup, and I don't know yet if this will be an ongoing thing. We'll see. We don't use a lot of ketchup, so it might depend on how long it lasts and/or if it freezes well.

I want to try making some cheese (besides yogurt cheese) but I'm sure I'll continue to buy most types, even if I am successful.

Obviously, making some things at home are limited by ingredients and equipment required. And space. I'm really not interested in brewing beer or fermenting my own sauerkraut because of the odors. And I doubt I'll ever have the means to squeeze my own olive oil.

So now I'm looking for more of these sorts of projects that are doable at home. Any ideas?


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