Relish Tray: Way or No Way?

Are they a thing of the past? I have some beautiful divided cut glass trays that my mother used for pickles, olives, and other pickled things (that I'm not crazy about). She also put out crudite with dips, but not on the relish trays. They were for holidays and "company". I want to use them because they're so pretty.

Do you put out pickles, pickled things and olives for guests? I'd polish off the olives, but my kosher garlic dills are probably too gigantic for dainty glass trays. I guess gherkins (sp?) would be more appropriate, along with bread and butter pickles, maybe. I never see anybody put these out anymore. (Too fancy for a superbowl party?)

Your thoughts, along with your vote please? Use them or like them, you're a Way.


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