Reddi-wip or Cool Whip: Way or No Way?

You can get Reddi-wip made with real cream and sugar (also has corn syrup) and it's fewer calories than Cool Whip, which is made with hydrogenated vegetable oil - YUM! Sandra Lee prefers the Cool Whip because it would hold up in a tsunami. Reddi-wip also comes in chocolate (tempting me), and fat free ( real cream there).

Reddi-wip has the fun factor of squirting into somebody's mouth or elsewhere.

I'm a DIY real whipped cream person, but in a pinch (like needing it for a dessert in a non-foodie household without even a whisk) I might buy the real cream Reddi-wip. Not in my house though. My father used to love to squirt it in our mouths and give us each a mustache & beard, so it brings back some fun childhood memories. To get Cool Whip past my lips, I'd need to be departed from this world, and they'd need a pry bar to part these lips.

I know we're all "real" food junkies, but would you consider either in a "can't possibly whip cream here" pinch? Or, is it your habit to have it on hand to top a dessert, hot chocolate, Irish coffee or ice cream with no bother at all? Way or No Way?

AND: What are your favorite add-ins to any whipped cream? I use vanilla and sugar, but a little maple syrup or liqueur would be good. Haven't done chocolate yet - would you melt some and add it?

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