Programming Alert: Like Water for Chocolate on Tonight

Hey all, I've heard so many wonderful things about Like Water For Chocolate and have always wanted to see it--but my husband hates subtitles so I haven't seen it. Well, since he's out of town guess what I'm watching tonight? It's on Ovation tonight at 11 pm EDS time. I'm also DVR'ing it in case I want to watch it again or nod off. Yay for me! What a great thing to come along on such a sucky day--we had to evacuate the house for an hour and a half due to a gas problem with our hot water heater. What a thing to happen on such a cold day! Gas problem solved, but we have no hot water and I have to buy a new water heater. So I can't wait to cuddle up and relax with a good movie I've been meaning to see. I'll be following up with my favorite moments tomorrow and would welcome people to share their favorite scenes, lines etc. Just hope the thing isn't cut to ribbons!


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