Pillsbury Annual Bake-Off

For the first time (and perhaps the last, depending on how it goes), I am actually going to be doing the competition this year, which just opened for recipe submissions.

Before this, I had always been so intimidated by it, even though I routinely bake things from scratch and have developed recipes for other large competitions. I think that it wasn't so much about the difficulty level as much as the fact that the people who participate in it always appear to be so very serious and intense about it all, while I have always just looked upon participating in competitions as a fun way to express my creativity and expand my baking abilities. Also, a small part of me thinks that it's cheating to create a recipe where a main component, like pastry crust, is pre-made. But at least that would make it faster to re-do a mistake, I suppose.

So, I wanted to see if anyone else had ever entered this competition before, or whether you are doing it this year and if so, what recommendations you might have for me.

Also, what other large (regional or national, I am thinking) competitions do you compete in for baking, if any? Or am I the only one? Have you ever won?


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