Party Catering/Extensive Takeout in Morningside Area

Hello Serious Eaters - I'm stumped. I've invited about 20 people to my apartment for a game night next Friday and I'm trying to find a good place to order food from. I'm currently a grad student at Columbia, so I'm looking to neither break the bank or eat ramen noodle casserole. (I'm thinking $30/person with drinks etc..)

I'd also like to find a local business to order from instead of just hitting up the Whole Foods catering department. However, I have yet to find a restaurant I actually like in this neighborhood that would also cater. (Cafe Soha is a godsend!)

Do you have any recommendations?? I'm willing to order from places all around the city, even different places so I can get the best desserts/ appetizers etc...

Thanks very much in advance -



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