Ice Cream: Way or No Way?

Ice cream..Way or No way?

If way, what is your favorite flavor? Do you have a favorite brand or place you like to go out for ice cream or do you prefer to make your own? And how do you like to eat it...cone (waffle, sugar, etc), or in a bowl? Do you like toppings?

Me...I LOVE ice cream, and am therefore a WAY!

Although I pretty much love any flavor, except some..bubble gum (yuck), my favorite flavors are coffee, mint chocolate chip, and Ben&Jerry's chunky monkey. With the coffee and mint chocolate chip I don't have a favorite store brand. But we have a local ice cream place here, Glacier where Ilove to go. Ice cream is always in a bowl or cup, with a mini spoon. And no toppings for me please!! So what about you eaters??


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