Homemade Crackers, Second Attempt

So a few weeks ago I tried making the spelt crackers (water, spelt flour, salt, sesame seeds) from the videos at the New York Times. A disaster.

This time, as dbcurrie suggested, I used a recipe with yeast. I made a lavosh recipe by Diana Kennedy, from her book Nothing Fancy, using all purpose flour, kamut flour, water, salt, yeast, and canola oil. They were fantastic! Easy, too. When it came time to roll them out, I coated them in sesame and nigella seeds and used that instead of flour, which had the added bonus of making them stick really well. I served them with cheese during the salad course at Sunday lunch, and they were a serious hit.

They looked and tasted just like the artisanal flatbreads that sell for ten bucks at Citarella, but probably cost about two bucks to make. Next time I'll swap out the canola and use extra virgin olive oil.


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