Help with Biscuits and Thickening a 'Gravy'

So, my great grandmother used to make what she called "creamed chicken and biscuits" when we were little (she was born in 1907 and died in 2004) and it was amazing. She only made it in the winter when it was cold enough for the stewed chicken to go in the garage overnight for the fat to harden. My bestest has been harping on me to re-create the dish, and, so far, I have made what I believe will be a good stock, based upon what I remember from my childhood "helping."

I used:

6 bone-in breasts some backs and necks coupla quarts of water 8 garlic cloves 2 whole onions 8 carrots 8 ribs of celery kosher salt and whole peppercorns

Simmered for a few hours (barely a bubble breaking the surface) and I have it out in the garage (-22 degrees!) now. After I de-bone and shred the chicken, strain the stock, give the dog the vegetables, I am at a loss as to how to thicken it. I dont remember what she did, all I remember is the chicken was shredded finely and ladled over hot buttered biscuits with a glorious creamy gravy.

Ideas to thicken?

Anyone else ever eaten and/or made something like this?

And lastly, I SUCK at baking. Anyone have some really easy hopefully drop type biscuits out there? I have buttermilk!

I know this was a long post and I'm sure I'm going to get yipped at by the mod-dogs, but it was a little walk down memory lane for me...hopefully someone else will walk too!


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