Foods or Aromas You Avoid When Sick, Stomach Bug or Otherwise

Okay, recently there have been threads regarding food you eat when you're sick, depression food, food you can't eat again because you became ill. But what do you avoid when you're sick. For me, the stomach bug=no dairy, no strong smells such as sausage or broccoli cooking, no food inspired scented candles (vanilla in particular) and nothing spicy. Sinus problems, respiratory problems or colds=no dairy, and no breads or pasta. Sore throat=nothing spicy, acidic, chewy or crunchy. Now, here's the twist on this question. I can usually tell when my kids are faking it about being too sick for school by their color, sleeping habits and coughing in general. But, as to when they can go back to school after truly being ill, is a bit more tricky. So today I figured out that they are definitely over the stomach bug because when I offered up the dinner options of chicken soup, hotdogs, scrambled eggs and toast or buffalo wing popcorn chicken and fries--they took the bait and went for the popcorn chicken and fries. My oldest has gotten busted for eating 1/2 a can of salt and vinegar Pringles on a "sore throat." And well, I, was reduced to shame in 2nd grade because of a darn cripsy chewy oatmeal cookie I ate when I had a "sore throat." So what foods do you avoid when you are sick? And have you ever been busted for not being sick because of scarfing down something you normally wouldn't when ill, by parents or even more scandalous yet by co-workers or employees, when you were playing hooky?

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