Food Network losing its edge

Just have to vent about the Food Network. Lately the programming is all game shows, talking heads with little to no culinary 'street cred" and shows about eating. I know how to eat. I want to watch shows about cooking.

But what's really pushed me over the edge are the all-star holiday specials. I've noticed on several of these time slot fillers that they invariably team up an A-lister and a B-lister and have them gush about what great friends they are, like its the Mickey Mouse Club and they all live in some big zany cooking club house together. Its really infantile and sort of embarrassing to watch.

The most recent holiday all-star cooking fest had all the 'stars' cooking up a big old Christmas feast in a loft somewhere, as if they all hang out together. As they frolicked around the table (that they didn't have them wet-towel-snapping each other in a locker room is a blessing) I got a glimpse of Alton Brown in the background, leaning against a wall, arms crossed with an unamused look on his face, and I could just imagine him wishing he could disappear, or better yet get his agent on the phone. Get out of there Alton! Go to PBS!

Food Network: stop programming to the lowest common denominator. We don't need another recipe for mac and cheese. We don't need 30 minute cooking for retards. Bring back the real chefs!


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