Food Foraging

Last night, I stood in the dark kitchen my stocking feet, hair mussed, bathrobe askew, wild-eyed...with only the light of the refigerator coloring my skin a ghastly shade of pale...foraging furiously through the fridge...combining bits and bites of food and eating what can only be described as a poorly orchestrated mish-mosh of leftovers, with no thought to how things would taste in combination, or what the end result would be gastronomically or intestinally. I believe in my half-asleep and strangely ravenous frenzy I consumed the following: three slices of left-over mozzarella cheese ...a pickle....a handfull of shelled pistachios....the end piece of a loaf of slightly stale white bread....a slice of ham....two oatmeal raisin cookies....some salsa....3 spears of roasted asparagus....a sleeve of fig newtons...all washed down with a glass of sangria. My husband came home from a late meeting and saw the destruction on the kitchen counter and looked at me strangely. I can't say I blame him. Have you done this???


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