Crusts: Way or No Way?

I thought that this would have been covered earlier, but I couldn't find it, so I thought that I would start the thread. If I am wrong on that, and just totally inept at using the search function here, please just let me know.

For me? Totally WAY!!!

When I was little, probably just because I wanted to copy my aunt, I used to leave all of the crusts from bread, pizza and everything else, on the plate. My parents hated it and never understood it.

Long story short, when I got older, I started to try them, and now they are my favorite part of anything! Especially with dark, rustic breads or ones with seeds and other things baked in them. And pizza? Forget it! The crust is the best part! And what else are you going to dunk into the (extra) side of marinara?

What about you? Do you enjoy them, or throw them away? Do you only eat pizza crusts and not bread/sandwich crusts? Do you use them for other things, like croutons? Dunking?


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