Convenience (or the Cold) Affecting Your Food Choices?

So, while I was working at my computer I was listening to a podcast of this show, and heard this quote from a segment called 'How cold is it?' (segment was not food-related, only the quote):

“It’s so cold I ordered a pizza from Papa John’s rather than walk the four blocks to the highly superior Gino’s which is pick-up only.” (

Of course, I immediately thought of Serious Eats and Slice--so I had to 'share' the quote, and post the question--has the cold ever made you make similar decisions as that caller--going for what is there as opposed to what you crave?

I have to say, I've taken my crappy 1991 Toyota Corolla out on many a hazardous snowy and wind-swept day to satisfy a craving, so I think (I don't live in NYC) I would have walked the four blocks to get what I really wanted!


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