Daisy Martinez: Chef with Street Cred on TVFN

It's announcements like this that give me hope for TVFN. Like someone in their braintrust of an upper management staff might actually be LISTENING.

Daisy Martinez is doing a short series. I could hardly contain myself when the commercial aired this morning during Jamie Oliver's show. Martinez has been on PBS for years and I have watched and enjoyed her show. She's one of those people in the food media who associate a great deal of sentimentality with the culinary arts. She frequently refers to her dad, a firehouse cook, in her show and by her culinary memories of family feasts gone by, conjure up warm moments while demoing some of the most kickass Puerto Rican cookery.

The show airs at 9:30 a.m. If there are any other morning SEers up now, get ready! If not, set TIVO for this show. I'm hoping for a show that's similar to PBS and not to a caracature of it - like US network TV did to Gordon Ramsay.

I'm almost ready to take back my compliment of TVFN. Why the hell didn't they publicize this more? Ugh.


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