Best Caesar Salad in NYC?

I posted this last week, and just not much more than a recipe for Caesar. I am still in search of Caesar salad suggestions for NYC restaurants? Anyone???

Original Post: I moved to NYC from Portland, Oregon about 4 years ago and still have yet to find restaurants here with truly great Caesar salads.

Now foodies please dont dismiss this quest. I know Caesar salads have a bad name due to all the crap out there such as the typical grilled fill-in-the-blank protein, or the awful dressings with mayo, vinegars or those that simply give a nod to, or try to evoke the classic Caesar with unsuccessful and unnecessary "twists".

Portland however has a competitive landscape of its best restaurants creating authentic Caesars with delicious, pure and authentic dressings with the balance that truly good Caesars demand. Most have a hearty Northwest vibe to them, and they all seem to have the right ratio of salt to lemon (never vinegar) and use the proper core ingredients (Reggiano Parmesean, Olive Oil, lemon, raw egg, etc).

I can make a great Caesar at home, but I love to go out for food in NYC, so I would love to have some dining options. Anyone have any suggestions???


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