absentminded kitchen disasters

i canNOT believe what i just did. here's the scenario: i'm starving, and in the middle of a dozen projects at home. i'd decided to try the bittman "vegan and whole grain until 6pm" approach to eating, so after looking in the fridge for an appropriate snack, i decided on popcorn. i put some olive oil and a handful of popcorn in the pan, turned on the burner, and WALKED AWAY to attend to another task.

by the time i remembered what i had done, the popcorn was flying all over! plus i couldn't figure out what i had done with the lid, so i was running around looking for it while hot flying missiles continued to bomb me and my entire kitchen. they're on top of the refrigerator and on every windowsill. guess i'll add cleaning the kitchen to the list of tasks to be accomplished this afternoon.

this is not an isolated incidence: one of my friends very kindly bought me an electric kettle {which promptly shuts itself off when it boils} after she observed me forgetting to make tea after heating up the water and burning my all clad pot more than once.

who else is prone to being absent minded in the kitchen?


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