top chef not up to par this season

Does anyone else feel like this year's top chef is half-hearted this year?

1. They are in New York city with some of the most talented chefs in the world, and instead they continue to trot out their old friends Gail and Rocco as judges.

2. Why didn't they actually prepare their food on the today show? What's the point of the mock skit then?

3. Martha Stewart, the Foo Fighters--really?? Sounds like they are trying to diversify their audience at the cost of the show's quality.

4. A lot of the cheftestants seem more like real world characters than top chefs...

5. Is anyone else sick of this Catch-22: If it's simple, Tom and Padma say that it should have been more complicated, and if it's more complicated, then Tom and Padma say that it should have been simpler.

6. How about a challenge where Tom cooks head-to-head against the cheftestants? Or is his knife set as dusty as Rocco's? I understand and respect what Tom has done, but some of the challenges have been quite intense, and I'd like to see Tom put his money where his mouth is.


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