Tobacco truffles, and the holiday dinner Post Mortem

(The PM of the holiday, meal, that is, not of someone who ate it ;))

I made most of the holiday meal this year, which consisted of roast goose with bacon, sage, and apple stuffing, red cabbage and caramelized potatoes (a Danish tradition, and a joint effort involving my boyfriend, his brother and, occasionally, his father), followed by a plum pudding. There were cookies, assorted candies, tobacco truffles, and coffee as to stave off starvation in the hours between lunch and dinner.

The tobacco truffles worked out well, although my first batch broke. The tobacco flavour wasn't particularly assertive, just a fairly elusive note that blended seamlessly with the chocolate (this was what I'd been hoping for). After my boyfriend and myself, my boyfriend's mother picked one up, placed it in her mouth, glanced about at us, and chewed, first cautiously, then more vigorously, hunting for the anticipated weirdness/unpleasantness. Then she reached for another. I'll definitely make these again.

The roast goose came out beautifully, with very tender meat and extremely crisp skin, thanks to a great goose and a reliable recipe (from 'The Best Recipe'), although the gravy went a bit to hell, owing to the removal of the wing-tips by the butcher; there wasn't enough gelatin in the bones of the neck alone to give the gravy a nice consistency.

Once the plum pudding was set out, I paid close attention to the texture of the plum pudding, particularly because of the fruitcake (and eggnog) thread that PumpkinBear started just a little while ago. This morning I had another slice for breakfast, dissecting it by the window; definitely not dry, nor rubbery/gummy. It made me think a bit of a the texture of a good honey cake. With unsweetened espresso, it tastes sweet, but not aggressively so.

How did the rest of you make out with your holiday dinners? Any experiments, triumphs, disappointments, or discoveries?


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