They weren't "Cakesters"

Okay, I got into a conversation with my cousins recently, about growing up [in the 1950s, in Brooklyn]. We all remember one particular Nabisco creation from childhood. They were sandwich type cookies, and they looked like Cakesters - sort of. They were smaller than Cakesters, and the cookies surrounding the marshmallowy center were soft (rather than hard or crispy) and dry. (The Cakester monstrosities are so sticky/tacky that they stick to your fingers when you hold them. The earlier things that we remember, also had a bit of what I recall as an apricot-tasting blob holding the marshmallowy thing, to the two side-cookies.

Anyone out there have a clue @ the name of these things? Cousins and I are slowly going nuts trying to remember!

Thanks, All!


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