Sister Challenge: Where to find the best eats in NYC?

My sister is leaving NY and is moving to Taiwan to teach English. She's going to be away for a year or more and I won't be able to see her for a long time (I'm going to miss her :sniff sniff:) I wanted to do something special for her before she goes so I decided to plan a sister date/hangout. I asked her what she wants to do, instead of going shopping, doing some fun things in the city and then to a nice restaurant (I suggested Morimoto) she decided to gave me a challenge. She wants to walk around the city to take some pictures (touristy stuff) and also eat the best foods in NYC along the way. She would like to have little snacks and little meals throughout the whole day. I need suggestions on where to take her to find the best foods in NYC. It can be any category (best burger, soup, falafel, donut, pizza, seafood, empanada, tacos, desserts, drinks, ANYTHING!!) Please tell me where I can find the best food in NY by leaving the type of food, name and address of the place. suggestions on fun touristy place would be great too. Help me make this sister date special....THANKS!


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