Recipe Saved, Disaster Averted

This last weekend I was tasked with making dessert for my families Christmas get together (yes I know it isn't for 2 weeks but this is when we could get together). I decided to do my take on Devil's Food Cake with a white chocolate frosting instead of the typical chocolate frosting. I followed the recipe to the letter and the cake came out fine (if a bit on the dry side, need more butter next time) and the icing was a complete mess.

Obviously the translation between semi-sweet and white chocolate made for the frosting to break down. I got frustrated and decided to give in to premade frosting when I tried a last ditch effort and salvaged the icing, which everyone has told me is the best icing they have had in a long time.

Has anybody had a moment that made them feel proud to bring a recipe from what looked like a disaster to a great dish? It felt like a million bucks to me.


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