Pasteurized Eggs - Help Me!!

I am going to rip out all of my hair and throw it out of the window.. *I need help and you all are my last hope!

I make my Grandfather's top secret egg nog recipe every Christmas and use pasteurized eggs when I can find them. If not, I find farm fresh eggs (that I know I can trust) but have been unable to do either this year. I used Davidson's pastuerized eggs in the past, but they no longer sell them online and the stores they say carry their product, don't. (at least not in my area - NJ,PA,DE)

I have been searching the web for two days to find a "pasteurize at home" technique and have found several. (so which is the best?). I have tried some (heat the yolk to 160, which cooked most of it), and have tried cooking the yolks and cream (which noticibly altered the consistency)

Has anyone tried pasteuizing whole eggs in the shell at home with any success?

If so, how? Help!

*I understand this isnt life or death, but frustration is a cruel master


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