Parents with different nationalities, what do you still make?

My dad was Hispanic and was raised in the barrios of San Francisco and my mother is British…military family. I spent 18 years of my youth in England and returned back to the States at age 19.

My mother was and still is an outstanding cook, baker, and taught me everything I know. Back then, she tried to make recipes to the tastes my dad preferred while dealing with the poverty level income that a military man at that time made with a family of 8.

Back in the USA, mom came up with some strange but wonderful dishes, like chile made with ground beef, kidney beans, onions, garlic, etc and served over mashed potatoes.

My question is this. Has anyone grown up with mixed heritage parents? How has the melding of cuisines colored your current culinary lifestyle. If so, what recipes were adapted to meet both tastes?


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