Old Kitchen Equipment

Last night I was watching a house-hunting show on which the couple viewed one home that came with a built-in, although centuries-old, coffee maker and commented on it, and it made me think: You know, I have an uncle who still has a harvest gold stove that must be from the easrly seventies. And my grandmother had a stove from the thirties, which still functions very well.

So, do any of you have really old kitchen equipment that still works? Or have you entered a potential home, dreaming of the latest and greatest, and been greeted by a microwave from the stone age? Do you like using them, if they still work, or do you prefer newer ones?

I myself don't mind older equipment, as long as it works and is safe, but I have to admit that I dream of one day owning all new, beeautiful kitchen equipment. But then, I guess that I would neeed to be able to afford my own home first....ah, well. I can dream...


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