Meatball Cook-Off...HELP!

So for our office holiday party (unofficial, since all celebrations were cut off the budget this year...stupid economy) my boss has challenged me to a meatball throw-down. Come on, seriously? I got this.

Except for one problem...I pan-fry my meatballs. There's no getting around it, gotta be pan-fried in a cast iron skillet. I know for a fact he cooks his in a crock pot. The party is right after work at a co-worker's house, so my problem to achieve moist, crunchy, hot, pan-fried meatballs without actually cooking them there? I'd feel bad smoking up her house, especially since two of my co-workers are vegetarians. And reheated meatballs don't have that crispy quality that will assure me a win!

Anyone have any suggestions as to how to keep them crispy and moist and secure my title as Meatball Queen?! I feel like people have been eliminated from Top Chef for stuff like this.


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