Kale - My New Obsession

Kale hasn't ever been something I would normally put in my shopping cart, but in my recent attempts at healthier (and more frugal) eating, I have been trying to expand my family's "veggie vocabulary", as it were...introducing different things into our weekly menus....sneaking in different veggies or greens or ingredients to make meals pop; to add some healthful element; to get us out of the doldroms and out of our routines.... Well, Kale has become my new obsession. I cannot seem to get enough of it. Ever since I braised some in a bit of red wine and chicken stock and served it alongside some chicken cutlets, I have not been able to get enough. I find myself actually craving it. I dream about it. I think about what recipes I can add it to next. Unfortunately, my DH and two beautiful babies don't share my love affair with the stuff, so now I'm making it just for myself...and I eat plate after plate. Is there something in Kale that my body is craving, do you think? Why can I not seem to get enough of this stuff?? Do you all have a veggie or specific food item that you find yourself craving in the middle of the night?? Something that you will make for yourself even if nobody in the house will eat it with you, no matter how time intensive it is to cook?


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