Just Like Mom Used To Make...

My mother was a whiz at making casseroles, everything from Tuna Noodle, Baked Spaghetti, Mac-n-Cheese and some things I haven't seen replicated or attempted since. She had a knack for being able to put things together that were inexpensive but really delicious. She was so good at it, to this day I call her now and then to find out what she had that week for dinner and steal an idea or two.

That being said she was really bad at cooking meat to death! My mother, a self described meat hater from way back could take the juciest most succulent cut of meat and turn it into a barren wasteland of charred protiens. Any meat, she would "parboil" chicken before grilling it, take thin cuts of liver and turn them into something more closely resembling the sole of a shoe than a delicious piece of offal. Steak wasn't a cut which we had often, and my folks being of the quantity over quality crowd never got the best cuts of steak. So when you cook cheap steak till all the juice is gone you will develope a set of jaw muscles that would make a pit bull blush! My dentist even jokes I have the jaws of a gorilla... Thanks Mom! Whenever I am back home visiting, my father always tells my mother "let your son cook the meat".

Ok so growing up one of your parents were probably really good at making something just as much as they were equally bad at making something else. Now's your chance to heap your praises on Mom/ Dad for that really good dish....and/or give a little jab for the.... well.... not so good dish!

But keep in mind.... no miracle berry dishes allowed!


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