Is there a "cooking gene?" What (and when) makes a cook tick?

I am posting this thread under another title. I would love to hear your input.

My son has invited us over for a prime rib feast with all the trimmings! Neither my husband nor my two sons showed any inclination or interest in the kitchen (except of course, what came out of it!) None of them ever wanted to cook with me or even watch me cook. The boys mostly "foraged" for food during their bachelor days.

One of my sons has been married five years and has taken an interest and definitely has an amazing talent for cooking! In fact, I am flabberghasted - his wife is a good little cook, so it isn't from necessity, my other son continues to be totally stunned in the kitchen. My question: Do you think the ability to cook is inherited and at sometime, clicks in? Does one learn by osmosis in the family home?


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