How was your (wedding) food?

The post about Top Chef being disappointing this season got me thinking about the show and how it always features a wedding challenge, which is enjoyable to watch. That, in turn, started me thinking about wedding food and its bad reputation.

(Why I feel compelled to explain my train of thought, I don't know.)

I'm only twenty-three, so I haven't been to very many weddings as many of my friends consider themselves to be anything but the "marrying kind." The food at my oldest brother's wedding was really, really bad, like- boxed mashed potatoes and steak cooked until it's rubber- bad. My second brother actually had killer food because it was all homemade by his wife's family. Her favorite thing on the planet is fried chicken, so that's what they served at her wedding, buffet style with homemade sides.

All of you are foodies, so does that mean the food at your weddings was top notch? Can any of you look back and cringe at what was served? How was the cake? Be honest, could the food at your wedding be characterized as "bad wedding food?"


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