Help with brunch main course / dairy issues

I could use help coming up with a main course for brunch for my husband's extended family this Sunday. It is not a fancy group and I want to make something simple and tasty. Last year I served an egg casserole with sausage and cheese as the main course and they loved it.

This year's complication: husband is now lactose-intolerant. I don't want to make him a separate main course - human nature being what it is, I fear that if I repeat the casserole for everybody else and just scramble a couple of eggs for him, there will be other special requests and I'll become a short order cook.

Most of the egg casserole/frittata/etc recipes that look tasty are full of cheese and dairy. Can anyone suggest an eggy main course that's dairy-free, that can be made ahead? Or should I forego eggs entirely? And if so, what might I serve as a main course?

Thanks for any help!


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